Marco polo reizen

marco polo reizen

He was by then 15 years old when his father and his uncle returned to venice and his mother had already passed away. He remained in Venice with his father and uncle for two more years and then three of them embarked the most couragous journey to cathay the second time. The long and Difficult journey to cathay. At the end of year 1271, receiving letters and valuable gifts for the Great Khan from the new Pope tedaldo (Gregory x the polos once more set out from Venice on their journey to the east. They took with them 17-year-old Marco polo and two friars. The two friars hastily turned back after reaching a war zone, but the polos carried.

Although the polo brothers blazed a trail of their maastricht own on their first journey to the east, they were not the first Europeans to visit the mongols on their home ground. Before them giovanni di piano carpini in 1245 and guillaume de rubrouck in 1253 had made the dangerously journey to karakorum and returned safely; however the polos traveled farther than Carpini and Rubrouck and reached China. Marco polo's Birth and Growing. According to one authority, the polo family were great nobles originating on the coast of Dalmatia. Niccolo and Maffeo had established a trading outpost on the island of Curzola, off the coast of Dalmatia; it is not certain whether Marco polo was born there or in Venice in 1254. The place marco polo grew up, venice, was the center for commerce in the mediterranean. Marco had the usual education of a young gentleman of his time. He had learned much of the classical authors, understood the texts of the bible, and knew the basic theology of the latin Church. He had a sound knowledge of commercial French as well as Italian. From his later history we can be sure of his interest in natural resources, in the ways of people, as well as strange and interesting plants and animals. Marco polo was only 6 years old when his father and uncle set out eastward on their first trip to cathay (China).

marco polo reizen
in 1264 and established yuan dynasty (1264-1368). Kublai asked them all about their part of the world, the pope and the roman church. Niccolo and Matteo, who spoke turkic dialects perfectly, answered truthfully and clearly. The polo brothers were well received in the Great Khan's capital. One year later, the Great Khan sent them on their way with a letter in Turki addressed to pope Clement iv asking the pope to send him 100 learned men to teach his people about Christianity and Western science. He also asked Pope to procure oil from the lamp at the holy sepulchre in Jerusalem. To make sure the brothers would be given every assistance on their travels, kublai khan presented them with a golden tablet (or paiza in Chinese, gerege in Mongolian) a foot long and three inches wide and inscribed with the words (Left Fig. "By the strength of the eternal heaven, holy be the Khan's name. Let him that pays him not reverence be killed." The golden tablet was the special vip passport, authorizing the travelers to receive throughout the Great Khan's dominions such horses, lodging, food and guides as they required. It took the polos three full years to return home, in April 1269.
marco polo reizen

Marco polo and His Travels

The brothers Maffeo and Niccilo polo went on to surai, on the volga river, where they traded for a year. Shortly after a civil war broke out between Barka and his cousin Hulagu, which made it impossible for the polos to return with the same route alcohol as they came. They therefore decide to make a wide detour to the east to avoid the war and found themselves stranded for 3 years at bukhara. The marooned Polo brothers were abruptly rescued in bukhara by the arrival of a vip emissary from Hulagu Khan in the west. The mongol ambassador persuaded the brothers that Great Khan would be delighted to meet them for he had never seen any latin and very much wanted to meet one. So they journeyed eastward. They left bukhara, samarkand, kashgar, then came the murderous obstacle of the gobi desert. Through the northern route they reached Turfan and Hami, then headed south-east to dunhuang. Along the hexi corridor, they finally reached the new capital of the Great Khan, bejing in 1266.

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marco polo reizen

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marco polo reizen

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Officiële Twitter account van, marco, polo culturele groepsreizen. Perfekt organisierte reisen ohne Gruppe begleitet nur sporten von Ihrem Partner und Ihrem persönlichen. Marco, polo, august B "die reisen des Venezianers. (24 jaar, aartselaar 79 berichten). 'ik heb timemanagement gebruikt voor het in kaart brengen van de inefficiënte plekken in de stroom van handelingen in een organisatie. "Leefregels zijn de basis bij behandeling van jicht" -. "hakata ramen (Nagahama ramen) faq". " Omdat we wetenschappers zijn, zo schrijven de 15 onderzoekers, is het doel van ons werk de gezondheid van de bevolking te verbeteren.

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Marco polo (1254-1324 is probably the most famous Westerner traveled on the silk road. He excelled all the other travelers in his determination, his writing, and his influence. His journey through Asia lasted 24 years. He reached further than any of calorieën his predecessors, beyond Mongolia to China. He became a confidant of Kublai khan (1214-1294). He traveled the whole of China and returned to tell the tale, which became the greatest travelogue. The polo Brothers, in 1260 two venetian merchants arrived at Sudak, the Crimean port.

Marco polo reizen
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    The modern Scotts Bar is located on Amundsen Deck. Het gezelschap reist via bagdad naar de perzische golf, van Oermoez uit dwars door Perzië naar de boven-Oxus en over Pamir voorbij het dorp Lom-Nor, naar de stad Cambalig (peking). Currently, the last cmv cruise on Marco polo is scheduled for September 19, 2019. She calls for Marco when she is in labor and Marco comes (as he always does) and helps her. .

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    Due to his abandonment by his father and the Khan's kind gestures, marco begins to view the Khan as a father figure and role model. Currently, ms Marco polo is owned by Global Maritime, under charter to cmv since january 02, 2010. In the end of 2015, damen Shiprepair Vlissingen (dsv part of Damen Shiprepair conversion (dsc said farewell to ms Marco polo, which was in for her 10th special survey and general maintenance and refurbishment. Cabins Of all ms Marco polo 425 cabins, 70 have an ocean view (including 14 suites, no balcony cabins are available 281 are Oceanviews, 128 are Insides.

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    The "Second Commemorative cruise" from uk to canada from Tilbury (September7) was a 35-days roundtrip to canada via amsterdam Holland and Cherbourg France. After learning all what Marco did for her, kokachin offers Marco a chance to escape his captivity, but Marco refuses to leave without her. Marco polo was refurbished in november 2014 at Vlissingen shipyard, holland. Restaurants and food bars: Marcos Bistro (alternative, informal).

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    Fellow passengers are affluent, middle-aged, well-traveled and mostly repeat guests. . Status, relationship Information, significant Other(s significant Other(s series Information. Hij was de eerste europese beschrijver van het Verre oosten. Cruise fares typically change with departure dates approaching, last minute deals, discounts, promotions, independent travel agency offers.

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